Energized leadership


Enjet Aero’s leadership team has a strong chemistry and synergy forged through years of working with one another in similar capacities within the aerospace sector.

Together, the team shares a depth of knowledge and passion for the industry. The team has previously directed, managed and cultivated companies focused on structural aircraft assemblies, always placing a premium on experience.

Each corporate officer has between 15 to 20 years invested in identifying smaller businesses with significant upside potential, acquiring them and building them into competitive market leaders.

It’s the kind of leadership experience that gives customers peace of mind; resulting in accelerated production schedules that the aerospace industry has rarely seen.

Bruce Breckenridge
Founder & CEO
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Christopher Ferraro
Chief Financial Officer
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Chad Collier
Vice President of Commercial Operations
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Perry Pecaut
Vice President of Manufacturing
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Matt Ritchie
Vice President of Operations
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Nick DiBiase
Erie, PA
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Dana Munick
Malden, MA
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Jeffrey Hiller
New Britain, CT

Caleb Plumlee
General Manager
Terre Haute, IN

Mark Doherty
General Manager
Danvers, MA
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