Invested in the Future of Flight

Enjet Aero puts the parts in partnership while serving these notable customers and markets.

In the simplest terms, Enjet Aero machines and fabricates complex jet engine parts, components and assemblies for leading OEMs in the commercial, defense and general aviation sectors.

We have the capacity and capability to sustain on-time production applying leading-edge manufacturing technology coupled with the technical skills necessary to operate the equipment at optimal levels of precision and efficiency.

Our goal is to be regarded by our customers as an irreplaceable resource. The only way to meet such a goal is to consistently meet production deadlines and expectations.

Key Partners / Programs / Platforms

Enjet Aero makes parts for engine programs of some of the biggest, most respected names in the industry. This level of complexity and precision demands the very highest proof of performance.

Our approach to demand forecasting:

  • We communicate daily with partners / customers on plans, challenges and solutions.
  • We constantly exceed project needs and lead times in anticipation of near & distant schedules.
  • We invest in technology to overcome shortages in workforce labor and offer lower costs to our customers.
  • We apply methodologies to projected rate / ramp to ensure the right investments.


  • GE, GEnx
  • GE, GE9X
  • GE, F110
  • GE, F414
  • RR, Trent XWB
  • PW, F135


  • Boeing, B737 Max
  • Boeing, 787
  • Boeing, B777X
  • Airbus, A320neo
  • Airbus A350
  • Airbus A380
  • General Dynamics, F-16
  • Boeing, F/A-18
  • Lockheed Martin, F-35

World-Class Partners

“There is particular pressure on the commercial aviation industry right now due to the current extraordinarily high demand for new aircraft. Pending orders over the next decade are staggering. So what OEM’s need above all else are partners they can trust to help meet the challenges, on time and with consistent high quality.”

— Bruce Breckenridge, Enjet Founder & CEO

“Readiness is a critical theme within the military, because the ability to respond at a moment’s notice is literally a life and death situation. Our team understands and we’re up to the task when it comes to production cycle times, rate readiness and minimal repair downtimes.”

— Chad Collier, VP/Operations