World-Class Talent.

Bruce Breckenridge
Founder & CEO, Headquarters
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Christopher Ferraro
Chief Financial Officer, Headquarters
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Chad Collier
Vice President of Commercial Ops, Headquarters
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Perry Pecaut
Vice President of Manufacturing, Headquarters
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Matt Ritchie
Vice President of Operations

Nick DiBiase
President, Enjet Aero Erie

Mark Hillenburg
President, Enjet Aero Dayton & Terre Haute

Gary Connolly
President, Enjet Aero Bloomfield

Jon Gupton
President, Enjet Aero Advanced Manufacturing Group

Allan Lehrer
President, Enjet Aero Manchester

Howard Turner
President, Enjet Aero New Britain

Jamison Miller
Vice President, Manchester

Alan Kick
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Manchester

Gary Greenberg
Division Director, Bloomfield

Lionel Andujar
Vice President of Engineering, Manchester

Wayne Thibodeau
Vice President of Operations, Manchester

Jonathan Hidle
Director of Technology, New Britain

James Abernathy
Program Manager

Patrick Quade
Director of Operations, Headquarters

Chris Cornelius
Operations Manager, Dayton

Kyle Stark
Operations Manager, Terre Haute

Danny Pecaut
Shipping/Receiving Manager, Advanced Manufacturing

Mike Koirtyohann
Director of Manufacturing, Advanced Engineering Group

Adrienne Parmentier
Director of Human Resources, Headquarters

Nathan Jones
Director of Corporate Development, Headquarters

Joseph Thiewes
Director of FP&A, Headquarters

Mark Alquist
Director of Finance

Nicholas Mueller
Director of ERP Systems, Advanced Engineering Group

Blaine Mescher
Manufacturing & Process Engineer, Advanced Engineering Group

Ben Jablonowski
Manufacturing & Process Engineer, Advanced Engineering Group

Brad Kimbler
Manufacturing & Process Engineer, Advanced Engineering Group

Buck Maskell
Manufacturing & Process Engineer, Advanced Engineering Group

Elliot Whitcraft
Manufacturing & Process Engineer, Advanced Engineering Group

Sean Merritt
Engineering Manager, Dayton

Cory Taylor
Engineering Lead, Erie

Mike Krattli
Controller, Headquarters

Josh Holmes
Director of IT, Headquarters

Jeremy Keith
Quality Manager, Erie

Ken Chromik
Quality Management System Leader, Erie

Mike Riegel
Quality Manager, Advanced Manufacturing

Tom Jennings
Quality Manager, Dayton

Eric Lazzeri
Manufacturing & Process Engineer, Malden

Russ McClelland
Production Manager, Erie

Christen Adams
Materials Manager, Dayton

Amy Boldt
Human Resources Manager, Erie

Regan Ford
Assistant Controller, Headquarters

Kayla Whitcraft
Project Manager, Advanced Engineering Group

Mary Feierabend
Business Manager / Executive Assistant,

Garret Fields
Financial Analyst, Headquarters

Mike Francke
Financial Analyst, Headquarters

Abby Jesberg
CPA – Accounting Analyst, Headquarters

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