More Than the Sum of our Parts

Enjet Aero is a manufacturer of critical machined and fabricated parts for jet engines.

Enjet Aero’s capabilities are concentrated on hot-section engine components and assemblies for the commercial, defense and general aviation industries.

With current pressures from historical high demand for new jet aircraft – and a capacity-stretched supply chain – the need for a ready, reliable resource has never been greater.

Next Level Competitive Advantage

Why we are uniquely qualified to deliver on time and on budget

Advanced solutions, proactive partnerships and leadership by proven industry veterans are just some of the reasons why Enjet Aero is well positioned to provide timely, reliable results.

Through several integrated manufacturing facilities, Enjet currently produces everything from the smallest turned and machined fuel nozzle components to 50-inch combustor rings.

We have the capital, capacity, scalability, and professionalism necessary to exceed the high level of performance that OEMs require and expect.

Our Mission & Mantra

We believe success is as much about attitude as ability. So we’ve made it a point to create a culture of accomplishment and accountability expressed in these simple words.