Enjet Aero specializes in machining, fabricating, forming & delivering parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry

Enjet Aero is dedicated to making your operation – and the aircraft you power – run as smoothly as possible. In this time of shifting demands, and the impact it has on the industry, Enjet Aero is positioned to accommodate increased outsourcing needs, swiftly onboard new work, and invest in innovative machinery needed for engine programs while continuing to support legacy programs and aftermarket needs that remain critical to our customers’ success.  We operate in segments with specific focus on manufacturing precision metal components and assemblies used in the engines of commercial, military & general aviation platforms.

Strategic Vision

Enjet Aero is bringing consolidation to the market by acquiring the best among small operators and by making multi-part assemblies our core competency. Linking highly proficient parts makers, who have demonstrated consistent records of performance, into one, unified company — while employing an operating structure tailor-made for today’s unprecedented demand for aircraft engines – has generated significant advantages.

Mission & Mantra

We believe success is as much about attitude as ability. So we’ve made it a point to create a culture of accomplishment and accountability expressed in these simple words

Ready: Significant investments in new technology, automation, and skilled technicians allow us to expand capacity and increase stability

Willing: : Prepared to take on and manage risk, enhance process efficiencies, and take the initiative as a proactive supply chain partner

Able: Vast industry knowledge and expertise gives us competence to work higher in the Bill of Materials and deliver “completed assemblies”

Enjet Aero Leadership Team

Enjet Aero was founded with a vision of building a high performing, focused, and integrated company serving the aero-engine sector. Enjet Aero’s leadership understands that our customers want and expect a proactive, competent, responsive, and accountable partner as their supplier. They know that the foundation for this is built on assembling a team of truly talented individuals at all levels of our organization, aligning long term and short term goals, and then relentlessly pursuing excellence in all that we do. Our leadership team have unique and specific skills that complement each other and have decades of combined experience in the aerospace & defense industry.

Bruce Breckenridge
Founder & CEO
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Christopher Ferraro
Chief Financial Officer
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Chad Collier
Vice President of Commercial Operations
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Perry Pecaut
Vice President of Manufacturing
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Matt Ritchie
Vice President of Operations
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