A Select Few Become One

Enjet specializes in machining, fabricating, forming & delivering parts and assemblies for the aerospace industry.

Enjet is dedicated to making your operation – and the aircraft you power – run as smoothly as possible. In a time of incredible sector growth, Enjet is poised to help eliminate supply chain risk on new engine platforms, with the unique ability to expand our capabilities and capacity, as needed, while continuing to support legacy programs and aftermarket needs that remain critical to our customers’ success.

We operate in segments with specific focus on hot-section engine components and assemblies for commercial, military & general aviation platforms.

Strategic Vision

Enjet Aero is bringing consolidation to the market by acquiring the best among small operators and by making multi-part assemblies our core competency. Linking highly proficient parts makers, who have demonstrated consistent records of performance, into one, unified company — while employing an operating structure tailor-made for today’s unprecedented demand for aircraft engines – has generated significant advantages.

Advantages Include

  • More efficient use of resources
  • Fewer step processes
  • Greater cost reductions
  • Increased ramp/rate readiness
  • Accelerated cycle time

Specialized Facilities

Currently, in addition to headquarters and support facilities, there are multiple manufacturing centers within the Enjet Aero family. All are fully assimilated and interconnected. However, each has its own distinct parts manufacturing capabilities (See summaries of key competencies in Locations.)

We continue to look for additional acquisition opportunities that we determine to be an ideal fit for our goal of far exceeding status quo performance in the aerospace supply chain.


Currently, Enjet Aero benefits from the financial support of several key financial partners. Each has contributed significant resources to help Enjet Aero grow its capabilities. So, as the industry continues its unprecedented evolution, we have the resources necessary to advance with it.

As one example, VantEdge Partners, based in Kansas City, is a recognized and respected name in equity investments. VantEdge has holdings in everything from major professional sports franchises to consumer goods, in addition to over 60 years of experience with more than 55 investments exceeding $25 billion in market capital.