What We Do

Engine parts and assemblies are the output, but customers also deserve proactive input.

It’s important to separate what we do with how we do it. We machine, fabricate, form, and deliver aircraft products with specific focus on:

  • Turbine & jet engine components
  • Complex and/or large diameter hot-section assemblies
  • High temperature exotic materials
  • Precision, small-turn components

More than that, we bring a wealth of experience and sophistication  to bear on processes that have, in many cases, become static, reactive and much less efficient.

Ways We Impact Success & Remove Risk

  • Expand scalability through substantial investments in automation and robotics
  • Engage tactical teams of aviation problem solvers to review historical production data and collaborate on future planning
  • Eliminate time-consuming handwork by implementing dynamic and  synchronized processes
  • Utilize one-operation machining, milling and inspecting to significantly compress processes and enhance efficiencies
  • Hold regular meetings to communicate with customers through Battle Update Briefs (BUBs), project status, and rate readiness reviews
  • Employ proficient engineers, programmers and production specialists for seamless on- boarding of advanced technologies
  • Continually leverage assets to expand capabilities and capacity for managing more “parts-complete” assemblies

Feature Capabilities & Equipment


5-axis multitask turning and machining up to 57”


CNC turning up to 60” diameter, and jig boring


Spinning & expanding to 72” diameter, hydroform & deep draw, planishing, brake, shear and roll-form


Auto / manual tig welding, laser and resistance welding, brazing, and riveting


EDM sinker, wire & hole drilling, and multi-axis laser cutting


Semi-auto & manual CMM, optical inspection & air flow testing


Systems 3D prototyping, 3D modeling, and fully integrated MRP systems