Enjet Aero Kansas City

Enjet Aero operates as one integrated company. While each of our manufacturing sites are run as a business to maintain responsiveness to our customers, through integration we implement a consolidated ERP system, a consistent approach to manufacturing technology, sophisticated operating metrics, a standard “battle rhythm”, and a culture of excellence. Through this, we achieve the scale of a large company but preserve the entrepreneurial culture and feel of a small company.
Enjet Aero Headquarters supports our manufacturing locations with the following services:

  • Central quote center – ensure RFQ’s get to the best Enjet site & feedback is returned to the customer proactively
  • New customer programs – development of large scale & long term proposals for new & complex customer programs
  • Customer performance – reporting proactively to our customers on & progress of new programs
  • Back office support – IT, human resources, accounting, payroll, treasury, tax, & legal
  • New partners – identifying & acquiring great businesses that complement Enjet Aero with new capabilities & customers

Address: 9401 Indian Creek Parkway Suite 830, Overland Park, KS 66210
Phone: 913-717-7396

Meet our Headquarters team members.

Bruce Breckenridge
Founder & CEO
More about Bruce

Christopher Ferraro
Chief Financial Officer
More about Chris

Juan Araujo
Chief Operating Officer

Chad Collier
Vice President of Commercial Ops
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Perry Pecaut
Vice President of Manufacturing
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Nathan Jones
Director of Corporate Development

Adrienne Parmentier
Director of Human Resources

Nicholas Mueller
Director of ERP Systems

Patrick Quade
Director of Operations

Mike Krattli

Josh Holmes
Director of IT

Mary Feierabend
Business Manager / Executive Assistant

Regan Ford
Assistant Controller

Garret Fields
Financial Analyst

Mike Francke
Financial Analyst

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