Enjet Aero Acquires Enginetics Business from Standex

The Ohio-based company will expand customer base and capabilities for growing engine component manufacturer

As part of its plan to expand capabilities and customer reach, Kansas City-based aerospace company, Enjet Aero, announced today the acquisition of Enginetics, a subsidiary of Standex International Corporation.  Enginetics, located in Dayton, OH, is a world-class manufacturer of precision components and supplier to the world’s major aircraft engine manufacturers, system integrators and their Tier 1 suppliers.

Enjet Aero provides critical machined and fabricated parts to the major engine OEM’s of the aerospace and defense industry, specializing in complex components and assemblies for both commercial and military aircraft engines. Enginetics, will become the latest addition to Enjet Aero’s growing set of capabilities focused on serving the recovery and long-term prospects of the aerospace industry.

Enginetics applies innovative metal forming and fabricating technologies to manufacture components and assemblies for its customers using processes such as brazing, heat treading, forming, and laser drilling.  The unique set of capabilities Enginetics brings to Enjet will enhance the breadth of products and solutions Enjet is able to offer to its customers.  Its team of skilled and dedicated engineers, machinists, fabricators, and industry experts will now become part of the Enjet Aero team. The Enginetics leadership team, led by Rob Futcher, will continue to lead the new Enjet Aero Dayton operations, and manage its existing and new customer relationships.

“We are excited to join the Enjet family and become part of an organization focused on the aero engine component market,” said Rob Futcher, General Manager of Enginetics.

The Enginetics acquisition further complements Enjet Aero’s strategy of being a premier partner for the industry and delivering on its promise of being ready, willing, and able to meet the needs of their customers.

“The addition of Enginetics will be an important part of our future success. They will expand the breadth of our capabilities with a larger envelope of sheet metal forming and fabrication, in addition to providing specialty in-house services such as heat treat and assembly brazing,” said Bruce Breckenridge, Chief Executive Officer for Enjet Aero. “I’m excited to have Enginetics and their talented team join our Enjet family as we continue our mission of becoming the strategic supply chain partner of choice for aircraft engine OEM’s.”


About Enjet Aero

Enjet Aero, headquartered in Overland Park, KS, is an engine component manufacturer of complex machined and fabricated parts and assemblies for commercial and military aircraft engine OEM’s. Enjet Aero is comprised of Enjet Aero Erie, Enjet Aero Malden, Enjet Aero Terre Haute, Enjet Aero New Britain, Enjet Aero Advanced Manufacturing, and Enjet Aero Advanced Engineering. Enjet’s strategy is to be the supplier of choice for aircraft engine OEM’s during this period of recovery and beyond by offering a wide breadth of capabilities, capacity and resources to its customers who come to expect world-class performance in the form of quality and on time delivery. We stand ready, willing, and able. Learn more at www.enjetaero.com.