Today, Altitude Industries added two more manufacturing facilities to its existing footprint, completing the acquisitions of Metal Spinners Inc. and Jet Engine Technology Corporation – both companies are world-class suppliers of complex components and assemblies for leading turbine engine manufacturers. Located outside of Boston, in the cities of Malden and Danvers, Massachusetts, each business will become part of Altitude Industries, focused on serving and growing the aerospace engine market.

Altitude Industries is a Kansas City-based aerospace company that seeks to provide critically machined and fabricated parts to the engine sector of the aerospace and defense industries, specializing in components and assemblies for the hot section of aircraft engines.

Dana Munick, who serves as President for both companies being acquired, and will continue to do so as part of Altitude Industries, said, “It is a new beginning for all of us here at Metal Spinners and Jet Engine Technology, as with Altitude’s backing we will be able to expand our capabilities more aggressively and collaborate with other Altitude companies to better serve our customers’ needs.” In addition to his role as President over the two facilities, he will also support Altitude’s efforts to identify new acquisitions that further complement the company’s manufacturing capabilities. “Our goal is to continue to grow and develop the business to become the premier engine part supplier of choice in the industry,” Munick added.

As part of the acquisition, all employees were retained and will remain in their current positions, along with the company’s acquired certifications and accreditations. Learn more about Altitude Industries’ new Malden and Danvers, Massachusetts facilities and their respective capabilities.

About Altitude Industries
Altitude Industries is a privately-owned aerospace component manufacturing company, with a sole focus of becoming a world-class supplier and partner to engine OEMs. Altitude Industries is comprised of industry experts and centuries of experience in the manufacturing of critical machined and fabricated parts with an operating structure tailor-made for today’s unprecedented demand for aircraft engines.

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