Today, Altitude Industries announced a decision to change its name and combine its operating companies, H&H Aero, Metal Spinners, Jet Engine Technology and JWS Machine into one single provider of aerospace engine parts, now called Enjet Aero, LLC.

Enjet Aero is a Kansas City-based aerospace company that provides critical machined and fabricated parts to the engine sector of the aerospace and defense industries, specializing in components and assemblies for the hot section of aircraft engines.

Bruce Breckenridge, Chief Executive Officer for Enjet Aero, said, “This move will enable us to continue delivering the same quality service and products our customers have become accustom to, while allowing us to simplify the way we share our collective capabilities, promote growth, and provide supple chain solutions world-class manufacturers in the industry demand.”

The 5 manufacturing facilities (located throughout the US) and Enjet Aero’s headquarters office, in Overland Park, Kansas, will continue to operate as before, without any impact to its existing workforce of 250+ employees. Enjet Aero remains a company focused on growth and becoming the leading engine supply chain partner that manages risk and serves as a ready resource for aircraft manufacturers, engine builders and tier 1 suppliers in the aerospace industry.

About Enjet Aero
Enjet Aero is a privately-owned aerospace component manufacturing company, with a sole focus of becoming a world-class supplier and partner to engine OEMs. Enjet Aero is comprised of industry experts and centuries of experience in the manufacturing of critical machined and fabricated parts with an operating structure tailor-made for today’s unprecedented demand for aircraft engines.
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